After gaining her B.A. In art at Leicester De Montfort University Sue worked in various different fields for several years, always maintaining her interest in art, history of art and various crafts.

She then saw an advert by a small private school for an art teacher, applied, got the job and was so inspired by the work of her students that the interest in producing works of art herself was rekindled.

In 2007 Sue and her husband Cliff took early retirement and moved to the beautiful, yet barren island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. Inspired by the shapes and colours of the island Sue decided to set up her own studio to produce paintings and pottery, unfortunatly the pottery is on hold owing to long term firing problems.

She has developed a unique personal style which blends her love of the island, its flora and fauna with her interest in art nouveau and also in aboriginal art which she experienced at the Pitt-Rivers gallery in Oxford on several visits with her GCSE students.

In 2012 Sue was awarded her Artisan licence in silk painting and ceramics by the council of Fuerteventura.